Mrs. Sanja Veljanovska is a Senior Partner in Mens Legis. Her primary field of expertise includes counseling on corporate governance, financial, taxation, real estate matters, contractual law, company law, mergers & acquisitions. She is valuable contributor to many international magazines and projects such as Corporate Intl, IFRL, World Bank's Doing Business Project and other. Other activities include preparation of legal opinions, legal due diligences, investment agreements and other legal activities.

She has joined MENS LEGIS in 2004. Among the clients that she has advised are: EUROMAX RESOURCES group during all the phases of their investment in Republic of Macedonia in the biggest mine in Macedonia of copper and gold in Ilovica; G-Macedonia AD Skopje; DMM DRAEXLMAIER Manufacturing Macedonia; Gazit - Globe; RWE Germany during privatization of the Macedonian Electricity Distribution Company ESM; Insurance Company TRIGLAV for purchase of Insurance Company VARDAR AD Skopje; Global Communication Network – USA; Berkshire International Investments Macedonia-Company established by European Estates Limited from UK; "Bombardier Aerospace", Canada, Cooperatieve Centrale Raiffeisen-Boerenleenbank B.A. and ING Bank N.V for the Facility Arrangement with Mittal Steel Company; SENCAP S.A Greece; Freshfields; EMIT Ercole Marelli- Italy, the financing project involving EBRD and Royal Gold, the Playtech transaction, Yin Yi Group Company Limited and other.

Her previous experience includes work as a Legal expert of an EU funded Project managed by EAR- Approximation of trade legislation where she participated with her legal expertise in drafting of the Bankruptcy Law and other legislation. She was also Assistant Legal Advisor on the USAID/Deloitte on the Corporate Governance and Company Law project, participating to drafting and implementation of Macedonian Company Law and implementation of corporate governance in the Macedonian Companies.

Mr. Filip Ruben is a Junior Partner in MENS LEGIS with Bar Exam and representative for protection of industrial property rights.

He joined MENS LEGIS in January 2008. In his years at MENS LEGIS he has acquired extensive experience in diverse legal areas. His primary field of expertise includes counseling on Foreign Investments, Mergers & Acquisitions, Mining, Concessions, Corporate Governance, Legal Due Diligence, Company Law, Competition, Investment Structures, Real Estate matters.

Other activities include preparation of legal opinions, Investment agreements, JVA, PPP, Competition and antitrust procedures and many other legal and consultancy activities.

Mr. Ruben is fluent in English, Serbian and Croatian.

Among the clients advised by Mr. Ruben are: Euromax Resources the biggest green-filed investment in the mining sector in Macedonia, Ilovica copper and gold mine, during all phases of their investment in Macedonia. Within the framework of the services provided several due diligences were conducted, including but not limited to the purpose of the acquisition transaction and one for the purpose of AIM listing on the London Stock Exchange. Also advises Euromax on all the mining concession legal requirements and supported the company accelerating the exploration concessions into exploitation concessions, as well as on project financing.
Complete legal advising provided to Telekom Slovenije including legal due diligence, conducting merger as well as the closing procedure between the Macedonian telecommunications operators ONE and VIP, which formed the second largest telecommunications operator in Macedonia. Also provided the complete legal support and advising to Telekom Slovenije in the entire process and procedure for exercising of the exit call option.

Complete legal support in the successfully finished project connected to the automobile industry i.e. conducting of legal due diligence and acquisition of the factory ARC Macedonia specialized in production of airbag inflators. Projects in a Technological Industrial Development Zone.

As part of the Mens Legis team over the years he has successfully provided his expertise and services to many other clients from different industries, such as EBRD, Deutsche Bank, SIEMENS, FIAT Group – Italy, CHRYSLER LLC, Draexlmaier, Bombardier – Canada, Gazit Globe Israel, Hongte PR Chica, TRAFITALIA SRL- Italy, Colmobil Corporation – Israel, TRIGLAV – Slovenia, Atlas Copco- Czech Republic, MP Asset Management INC- Slovenia, and many other.

Mr. Andrej Belchovski is a Senior Legal Advisor with a Bar Exam in MENS LEGIS Law Firm. In 2013 he obtained his Master degree in Business law form the Law Faculty „Iustinianus Primus“, in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. He specializes in providing legal services in the area of mergers and acquisitions, legal due diligence, company law, corporate governance, labor law, environmental law and intellectual property.

His experience in MENS LEGIS includes advising EUROMAX RESOURCES Canada on all aspects of their investment in copper and gold mine in Macedonia; advising the Israeli company GAZIT GLOBE Israel; DMM DRAEXLMAIER, net Connec, SIOL Skopje and others.

Some of the major projects in which he gave his expertise a legal consultant are the acquisition the company ARC Macedonia by Yin Yi Group and the merger of the telecommunication operators ONE and VIP as legal consultant of Telecom Slovenije. He has been published as co-author in the Lawyer Issue magazine, for the subject: “The Developing Mining Sector in the Republic of Macedonia“.

Ms. Blagorodna Ristovska is Junior Legal Adviser in Mens Legis Law Firm, and holds a Bachelor degree in International law from the University "St. Cyril and Methodius" Law Faculty "Iustinianus I" Skopje. Her previous experience includes working at law office.

Ms.Ristovska is specialized in providing law services in the area of preparint legal due diligence, legal opinions, company law, corporate governance, licenses, work permits and regulating foreigner residence, environmental protection, electronic communications, intellectual property.

Her experience includes law services and advising EUROMAX RESOURCES, Telecom Slovenije d.d, ARC Macedonia for Yin Yi Group Company Limited, VIL HIL Betting for Playtech, and other consultancy activities.

Mrs. Daniela Stevkovska join Mens Legis in 2007. Her previous experience includes work in MDC Consulting and Investment Fund SEAF - Macedonia. She is responsible for accounting, banking and current office activities.

Dr Viktor Ruben is a specialist in Medical Law. He is specialized in health care and medical law regulations.

Mr. Ruben follows the updates in the medical legislation and the new developments in the medical law. He provides with an analyses, comments and opinions on the wide range of issues that are fundamental to this expanding area of law.

Mr. Remon Ruben has worked as a Marketing consultant in Mens Legis since 2004. He is responsible for the promotion and public relations of the company in the Macedonian market and world-wide.

Mr. Ruben possesses business knowledge with emphasis on marketing related issues.

He is specialized in marketing and communications.

Jana Nikodinovska – Outsourcing Consultant

MENS LEGIS is a firm with proven success and experience record having provided in-depth services within the traditional areas of law as well as staying current with the changing Macedonian legal environment.

The firm's team is prepared to address the unique and increasing needs of national and international clients through personalized services.

MENS LEGIS is committed to the principles of integrity and confidentially to provide prompt and reliable services to their clients.

MENS LEGIS, besides providing highly professional legal opinions based on the domestic legal regulations, also offers suggestions and participates in amending and modification of the domestic legal frame in order to achieve legally most effective form for performing transactions, in cases where preparing the Legal Due Diligence, proves to be inefficient and therefore occurs the necessity for its amendment.

Many laws, acts and regulations have been amended and modified through projects performed to date, and based on the initiative and proposed materials by MENS LEGIS.

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