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One of the best measurements of an individual's achievement is the rare opportunity to be recognized as one of the world's leading and successful professionals and VIP member.

Mrs. Ljubica Ruben

Email: ljubica.ruben@menslegis.com.mk

Mrs. Ruben has over thirty years of working experience, from which ten years as Director of the Legal sector in the firm "CENTROHEMIJA" export- import Skopje and three year experience as a journalist in the area of law. From 1989 to 2002 she worked as Attorney at Law. In 1995 she founded the law firm MENS LEGIS in which she currently is a leading partner and manager.

She actively works on improving the business climate in the Republic of North Macedonia and the region through participating in a large number of projects as a member of the workshops for amendment of laws, speaker on events, lecturer, educator, organizer of educational seminars, author of many articles in professional daily newspapers in the area of law and expert in the area for protection of industrial property rights.

Education: Degree in Law (Law University, Skopje 1977) with passed Bar Exam (Ministry of justice of Republic of North Macedonia 1989) and the additional education in the country and abroad includes:

  • Effective Implementation of the EU Law on Competition 2006;
  • College of Europe - Institute of Postgraduate European Studies Bruges, Belgium: Intensive Seminar on the European Union - 2005;
  • Regulating the Private Sector: Corporate Governance, Compliance and Corporate Responsibility 2005;
  • Strengthening Good Governance through Curbing Money Laundering 2004;
  • The William Davidson Institute at the Michigan Business School - shareholder awareness, protection and democracy - 2004;
  • Arizona State University Tempe, Arizona and International Insolvency Institute: Training program in bankruptcy procedure - 1998;
  • Has participated and moderated seminars of International Development Law Organization - IDLO for:
  • Financial Products for Enterprises - 1996;
  • Techniques of Negotiation - 1996;
  • Bankruptcy Reform: Law and Practice - 1997;
  • Enterprise and Investment Lawyers course - 1997;
  • Legal Aspects of Project Financing - 1998;
Professional membership:
  • Vice President of the Association for Protection of Shareholders’ Rights “AKCIONER 2001”;
  • Member of the Association of Lawyers for Commercial Law;
  • Member of the International Bar Association;
  • Member of the American Bar Association;
  • Member of Steering Committee of IJO Asia and its representatives to the UN Office Vienna and UN Office Geneva;
  • President of the Assembly of IDLO Alumni Association in the Republic of North Macedonia;
  • Vice President of the European Movement of the Republic of North Macedonia;
  • United Nations Consultant of Electoral Division;
  • Distinguished member of the network for Development of the Commercial Reforms in Southeast region, in the following organizations: USAID, OECD, EBRD, World Bank, actively participating in all workshops for development of the commercial law; and
  • Member of the Board for Good Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility in North Macedonia in cooperation with UNDP.
  • Mrs. Ruben has been moderator of various workshops and speaker on events in North Macedonia and abroad.
  • Mrs. Ljubica Ruben has been chosen for the project of CEED (Center for Entrepreneurship and Executive Development) supported by USAID and SEAF to be Mentor of the Young Entrepreneur.
  • Mrs. Ruben has created a national and international recognizable brand of MENS LEGIS LAW FIRM which was the main reason for her selection in this project.
  • Mrs. Ruben has organized and lead 15 work groups composed from professors, public servants, domestic and foreign experts. The Program of the Republic of North Macedonia for stimulating investments with a special emphasis on attracting foreign direct investments came out as a result of these activities.

As a Vice president of “AKCIONER 2001” - Association for Protection of Shareholders’ Rights, she conducted and still conducts a regular education of the shareholders and interested parties within over 80 Joint Stock Companies in the Republic of North Macedonia. In this way she recruited a big group of shareholders who seek for investors for their companies or additional capitalization of shares.